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Wassily Kandinsky

Another enjoyable home ed art workshop today. This week we looked at Wassily Kandinsky. We started our session looking at books and talked about what we could see in Kandinsky's painting 'Improvisation Klamm'. I loved hearing all the amazing things the children could see in his abstract art. Although one little boy, clearly a traditionalist, declared it to be 'abstract nonsense!' LOL. Then we watched a 5 min animation in which a statue comes to life and climbs into Kandinsky's painting 'Shaukeln' (Shaking). We looked at 'Concentric Circles' and created our own. I'd planned 2 other activities, however the children were very absorbed in their circles and I didn't want to rush them until they felt they had finished. It's much better to go at their pace and not set time limits on artistic creations!

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