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Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler

Today's home ed art workshop was just ace. There's only one week left with this group and I love seeing how comfortable they are with each other and how positive they are about each other's art.They've all really thrown themselves into discovering a new artist every week and today we looked at two: Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler. Both abstract expressionists working in Colour Field painting... a style of American abstract painting prominent from the late 1940s to the 1960s which features large expanses of unmodulated colour covering the greater part of the canvas. We looked at Louis's series called 'Unfurled' and 'Stripes' as well as Frankenthaler's Mountain and Sea. The children used spoons to pour diluted paint onto the paper and then tipped it to make the paint run. Our next project was to use pipettes on mini canvases. The results were spectacular!

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