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Monday Art Club: Banksy

There was much excitement today in after school art club because we looked at Banksy. It proved so popular that I may have to run a Banksy part 2 next week as we ran out of time to design our own tags. The kids loved the element of mystery...who exactly is Banksy? And the element of naughty...grafitti can get you arrested. We talked about 'street art' and and I asked them whether it is vandalism if it's good and has an important message. One lad said 'it depends where it is' - good point. (Warning: 'Cute Alert': one wee one said, 'no it's naughty and allergic, the police will arrest you'. He meant 'illegal'. (Told you it was cute). We had a Banksy session in the garden with spray cans, stencils and brick effect paper. Then we also used brushes and acrylics. Finally we had a mini discussion about some of the messages in Banksy's art. We touched on people's attitude to refugees, civil war, supermarket monopoly and homelessness. Great session!

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