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Wassily Kandinsky

What's in a lesson?

Children will learn about Wassily Kandinsky and his painting 'Concentric Circles'.  Each lesson is designed so that every child of any ability can master the art techniques demonstrated. 

Price: £5

Lesson includes:

Fun, easy to remember facts about the artist. 


A look at his interesting life and work.


A study of Concentric Circles with examples of themes

 and questions that you can ask about it. 


A video demonstration to help create your own piece.


A discussion based on a quote from Kandinsky to enable

your child to think creatively and ask questions.


Student galleries.


Art supply list.


Further resources to explore.

Did you know?


Kandinsky suffered from Synaesthesia - a rare condition wherein a person's brain mixes up the human senses  of hearing,vision, taste and smell. Kandinsky could 'see' music. He saw it in colours.



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