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Vincent Van Gogh

Lesson includes:

Fun, easy to remember facts about the artist. 


A look at his interesting life and work.


A study of Starry Night with examples of themes 

and questions that you can ask about it. 


A video demonstration to help create your own piece.


A discussion based on a quote from Van Gogh to

enable your child to think creatively and ask questions.


Student galleries.


Art supply list.


Further resources to explore.

What's in a lesson?

Children will learn about Vincent Van Gogh and his painting 'The Starry Night'.


Each lesson is designed so that every child of any ability can master the art techniques demonstrated.

Price: £5

Did you know?

Vincent Van Gogh is famous for cutting off his own ear when he was unhappy and ill. However some believe that another famous artist, Paul Gauguin, did it when they had a fight.

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