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"There are no mistakes. There is only a wide-open playground beckoning your artistic muse to come out and play" - Flora Bowley.

I love to experiment with mixed media and  mixed subject matter from delicate Oriental inspired moments in nature to big, brave colourful portraits and landscapes. I also have a lifelong love of flowers.  


I'm very drawn to Expressionism, particularly German Expressionists and their bold, striking use of colour. I've adopted this style in my renditions of Hebden rooftops. There's something strangely satisfying about looking out at landscapes of houses huddled together. The stunning Calder Valley with its stone houses is a constant source of inspiration for me as is the raw, natural beauty of the Yorkshire moors.


I love to paint with enthusiasm and energy and to 'feel' the picture emerging. I often paint with my fingers as well as brushes, sponges and spray bottles. I try to infuse my art with the sense of just how extraordinary our world is.

Yorkshire Moors2.jpg
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