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Jackson Pollock

Ran the first home ed kid's art workshop today and am still buzzing! Really enjoyable. We kicked off with a little chat about how you can show emotions in art through colour and how you make marks on the paper. We did a warm-up drawing thinking about what we had discussed. Then we watched a 3 minute demo on the artist of the day - Jackson Pollock. We set about creating art with marbles and paint in trays and the kids spent ages absorbed in this. Then it was off to the garden to dabble in some drip art with paper on the washing line and spray guns. I only got sprayed in the face the once and that was because I walked in front of the lad by accident! Finally we had a collaborative effort with enormous paper on the grass, paint bottles and tons of enthusiasm, laughter and fun. Well done kids! You were ace Jackson Pollocks today!

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