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Summer Art - Abstract Expressionism

'My son had such a fantastic time - he's really buzzing!! He said "can I go every week? I'll give up piano if I can go every week!!" I can't believe he feels like that because you know how he felt he was rubbish. Thank God I've booked him in for next Wednesday. Thank you so much. It's made me really happy'...

I don't think I could ask for better feedback!

The summer workshops have kicked off with a bit of Pollock marble madness yesterday and then weather dictated that we had to stay in, so we looked at Kandinsky. Always a favourite though.Talked about Kandinsky's synesthesia and wondered what our names would taste like...Pops said "Poppy would taste like a kitten being born." Sort of makes you go 'wow and eurrgh' at the same time!!

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