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Summer Art - Abstract Expressionism

"These art workshops are the only thing that has ever made me feel like I'm any good at art"...This feedback has made me feel especially happy as this came from a lad who had no confidence in his ability. I like to think that the art that we do is fun and accessible to everyone. Abstract Expressionism is perfect for building a child's confidence and means everyone can produce something wonderful and feel good about it. I also believe that a passion for what you teach is so important and I am crazy about art. I love watching children's creative approach and their lack of restriction. I'm sure my enthusiasm must be contagious! Unfortunately self-criticism creeps in as we get older. There can be a lot of fear and insecurity around producing art. I try to create a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere in my workshops and love it when the children give each other positive feedback too. And maybe it's this safe, happy environment that enables even the fearful shy ones realise that they too have a fantastic inner artist!

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