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Summer Art - The Pacific

Was a really enjoyable workshop today. We looked at art from The Pacific. We talked about Aboriginal Dreamtime and looked at some symbols and chatted about the aboriginal connection to nature. I shared what I had learnt on a trip to Australia once that an Aboriginal custom was that if a child was naughty, the rest of the family was whipped. It was to instil such shame and guilt that the child wouldn't be naughty again. Although Pops proceeded to hit me with her jelly cat so I'm not sure that tactic would work on her...

We looked at examples of art and the children chose to either create snakes, turtles, fish or their own hands and diligently used cotton buds. Results were beautiful.

Then we looked at Maori tattoos. After a quick you tube demo of Maoris performing a greeting ceremony and then another clip of the All Blacks performing the Haka, the kids created their own face tattoo masks. Then later Luca let me practice on his face. Great fun!

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