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Monday Art Club: Frankenthaler/Louis

Really enjoyable session in after school art club yesterday because we merged two artistic approaches...Helen Frankenthaler's 'stain' painting and Morris Louis's 'Unfurled' paintings. We worked on canvas and stained a background in watercolour, then using pipettes, we dripped on acrylic paints. We then tipped the canvases and using gravity, let the 'stripes' emerge. Each canvas looked entirely different - particularly the one which my cat signed chose to walk across much to everyone's delight - and the kids were absorbed. There is something very hypnotic about watching drops of paint travel slowly across the canvas. It was the last session of the course so we had a special certificate ceremony. Kids did their own drum roll as I called out their names. When I handed them their certificate, they delighted me with a crazy acceptance dance. Unique artists and unique dancers! And a really good laugh. Thank you, you little crazers!

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