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Monday Art Club: Dali

My Monday group loved Dali today. They loved how weird he was from the tip of his moustache to his cauliflower filled Rolls-Royce stunts. We talked about his fear of grasshoppers, feet and how he didn't know how to count money apparently. We watched a short animation about surrealism and watched a bbc clip on a piece of jewellery Dali had made called The Royal Heart - an actual beating cluster of rubies.

The kids create their own weird n' wacky creatures. We had a cylosheep (sheep with a cyclops eye), a forshe (horse with a cod's head) and a Frankenstein bat cat to name a few.

While they painted we played ''choice questions' - having to choose from two options e.g. would you rather share your bath with a hippo or your bed with an elephant. It seemed like an apt game given we were being surrealists today.

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