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Piet Mondrian

We were definitely all seeing squares and rectangles after this session! We first watched a you tube video (Piet Mondrain: A Journey Through Modern Art by Robes Bear) which illustrates how Mondrian would reduce things down to its absolute basic abstract shape and colour. He would often paint squinting at the subject to achieve this. We tested it out and soon all the kids were squintng at my wall clock and found how it does indeed become just a circle with a blur of colour and no detail. They loved the video because it's fascinating to watch how his art has changed over the years.

Then we looked at 'Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow' and how that particular design has been used in fashion, furniture, stationary, even on a car. We created out own, dividing the paper into rectangles and squares and painting them with primary colours. Then we used strips of black tape to create borders. It's quite relaxing painting squares!


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