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Impressionists last week and Dadaists this week. After a giggle about just the word 'dada' and how it captures the playful and absurd approach of Dadaism, we looked at some 'ready-mades'. These included Duchamp's urinal entitled 'Fountain'. We looked at the Mona Lisa and had a serious chat about the emotions in her face and then I showed the kids Duchamp's moustachioed Mona Lisa and there were shocked gasps. Perfect reaction to Dada. The kids made playful art using pieces of string in paint and then we cut out letters from newspapers to make a word of their choice to glue on. Words ranged from favourite animals...'cat' and 'bird' to interesting words like 'slithy' and 'hoopla' to the absurd 'blin' and 'gog'.

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