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Home Ed Workshop: Duchamp

The kids are grasping the concept of different art movements now and this week we talked about the playful and absurd approach of Dadaism. Dada (just the word gets the kids giggling) came about as a reaction to WW1 and in particular, we focussed on Marcel DuChamp and his 'ready-mades'. These included Duchamp's urinal entitled 'Fountain' and 'Bicycle Wheel'. Also looked at Duchamp's version of the Mona Lisa. Kids loved her tache and goatee! The kids made playful art using pieces of string in paint and made the string dance across the paper and then we cut out letters from newspapers to make a word of their choice to glue on. Words ranged from 'haha', 'sheep', 'apocalypse' to the best I've heard yet... 'hypothesis'. I'm always fascinated at what the kids come up with when I ask them to think of one word. The excessive amount of newspapers makes Dada my cat's fave workshop!

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