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Oh what wonderful week of Monet I've had! In our art sessions, we looked at Impressionism and started with a mini animation, a discussion about how to recognise an Impressionist piece...visible brushstrokes, simple scenes, capturing 'impermanence', and how the term 'Impressionism' was originally meant to be an insult! We watched a demo on how to paint like Monet and we looked at examples of his work. Then the kids put it into practice on canvas using 'Bridge Over A Pond Of Water Lilies' as inspiration. The dreaminess and calm of Monet's art cast a spell over them and each session was really relaxing. I noticed how inspired they were by the Impressionist technique of showing brush marks. Most children tend to block in one colour for grass - one shade of green - and keep it flat. But Monet showed them how to make the grass different colours and textures too. They were very proud of their art and each child produced a truly beautiful painting.

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